Improve productivity of your team
Understand your team dynamics.
How it works
Connect your tools
We consume information from Git repositories, project management tools, CI pipelines and APM tools
Analyze reports
The heart of Valycs is extensive reporting functionality.
Apply improvements
Once you get your data you can close your learning cycle by making changes to software development life cycle.
We help teams to deliver faster
We provide a full set of analytic metrics for development teams
See insights beyond the lines
Valytics shows action insights based on data-driven engineering approach.
Improve knowledge sharing
Pull requests and code ownership stats suggest ways to reduce the bus factor.
Understand team progress
Valytics provides performance visibility on company, team and individual contributor levels.
Adopt lean
Our approach is based on Lean principles. We identify and eliminate waste for software development teams.
Achieve continuous improvement
With Valycs teams can include measurable targets as part of their OKR cycles.
Align non-tech peers
We decompose every concept in a simple to understand set of metrics. We use the Goal-Question-Metric approach.
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